Best toys 2014 list – the most desired toys by children in this year.


Are you looking for the best toys 2014? If you’re looking for the best toy for your kids, I’ve made a list of top toys 2014 on this site. These toys are divided into several categories to facilitate your selection. I suspect these toys will also be part of the top toys for Christmas 2014 because it has been preferred by many children at this time. So if you also looking for the hot Christmas toys 2014, then you may consider these toys.

Well, here are the list of the most desired toys by children in this year:

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Based on the results of the 2014 Toy of the Year Awards (TOTY), these toys have become nominees of the many toys in the market. These toys deserve to be one of the hottest toys 2014 because it has managed to attract the attention of children. So, it is worth considering when you want to give a Christmas toy for your children.

Increased appetite in children

We are gathered here, the home of one of our brothers who were celebrating the holiday. The kids helped us carry as well. It is a custom in our big family. We always visit each other to strengthen the brotherhood.

My son was having lunch. Since this morning he had not eaten. My son loved to eat fried chicken. This afternoon he spent his chicken with gusto. I’m very happy to see it. Usually my son is very difficult if asked to eat. Eating is an activity that is less to him liking. His body looks skinny because he did not like to eat. But this time, at our brother home, he would eat with gusto. The fried chicken is his favorite food. My son looks so enjoy his food.

Hopefully after this I could more often see my son eating with gusto. Can you give me references about the increased appetite in children? I have to find a way for my son to have good eating habits.

Toy building blocks that children preferred

I feel this building blocks toy must be owned by all children. Well, this is a toy that never cracked by the time. This toy has a simple shape, in the form of basic shapes that can then be connected to each other so it becomes a particular object.

Toy that trains the spatial abilities for children would have been known by everyone. This toy is a simple toy. No special changes on this toy from time to time. The form of this toy in still simple and served with bright colors.

This kind of toy does not need to be the top toys 2014 in order to win the hearts of the children. This toy already has its own market. Every child under five in infancy definitely needs this toy. That’s why the toy is still selling and searched many parents even though there are many sophisticated new toys around.

Robot Dinosaurs with 2 swords

I was very surprised when see the autobots that can transform into a dinosaur. Wow, this is so cool … I admit, I was a dinosaur lover. On the other hand I also always wait for the latest transformers movie. When seen there are dinosaurs in the Transformers movie, I felt like getting two pleasures at once.

I like the dinosaur that could fly. One of the characters that I like is Pteranodon. At I found an action figure of the Age of Extinction TRANSFORMES Pteranodon character. It’s so cool. This autobot has 2 heads with wide wings that holds 2 swords. Cool, I really like with this action figure.

If your child is also a fan of Transformers, do not forget with this one action figure. Your toys Collection certainly will be cooler.

Optimus Prime, The Leader of the Autobots

This is Optimus Prime. This figure is a character from the movie Transformer Age of Extinction. As in the previous movie Optimus Prime appears as leader of the valiant, brave and wise. As a leader, he should be able to arrange other Autobots in the fight against Megatron.

In this sequel to the Optimus Prime fight using a sword to defeat enemies. Finishing the body is also now significantly cool the dominance of blue and red.

If your child you are watching this movie, would definitely know that my action figure display on this article. Optimus Prime bravely carrying a sword and a shield in the right empire on either side. You can also change the shape of this autobot car into a cool container. Is this toy will become one of the hot Christmas toys 2014? Well, we’ll see.

LeapPad3 Learning Tablet

LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids' Learning Tablet, GreenLeapPad3 has come with more cool appearance. Added features would also be great. Tablets for children are equipped with Wi-Fi are prepared for children aged 3-9 years. If your child has this tablet, you do not need to worry that your tablet will be asked your child.

LeapPad has placed as the one of the best toys in the past years. The presence of this tablet brings a new spirit in a play for children. Playing tablet is a very pleasant thing. Your child may forget the time and play for hours with this tablet. So we must also be alert and attentive. Too long time in playing the tablet will endanger the health of your child’s eyes. So as parents we have to pay attention to this. Tablet is a great toy and educational, but our children should play proportionally.

If your child is buff LeapPad, then you need to consider this new toy. Your child will get a lot of interesting applications such as Photo Fun Ultra, Pet Pad Party games, Pet Chat, choice of 1 app downloads, Utility Suite and more. I suspect, this toy will be one of the best toys 2014.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch, BlueWristwatch is a timepiece. Watches are an important tool that is needed by an adult. Adults are usually very busy with various activities. Therefore they need a watch that can manage and control the time well. But watches can also be an item of interest to the children. Well, even though the children have not really understood about setting the time, they still like the watch.

Presented watches specifically for children should be presented in a form that is more interesting. These watches must be equipped with game features and attractive colors. One of the kid’s watches that I recommend is the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch made ​​of waterproof material so it is safe to sweat. Your child can also wear this watch while taking a bath. The watch is also equipped with a camera with photo effects. Your child can operate the features on this watch with a touch screen. One more interesting, these watches are equipped with video and voice recorder.

For me this watch is very meet the needs of children in play. Is this watch will be one of the best toys 2014? Well, let’s see and wait.

Lego watches for kids

I still want to talk about watches. This timepiece is an important thing that must be owned by a busy person. They need to manage their time well so that the need of the hour hand. But watches also serve as accessories. As one watches accessories can also be used as part of fashion.

For children watch also has a special attraction. Needs time setting is not a matter of urgency for the children so that the watch will have other functions. One of the watches for kids that I want to discuss this time is the LEGO Kids’ 4250341 “Creator” with buildable Toy Watch.

LEGO Kids’ 4250341 “Creator” with buildable Toy Watch is one of the watches can be owned by your child. These watches are made ​​of non-allergenic poly-carbonite-making it safe for your child’s sensitive skin. You can teach about the timing of your child with these watches.

The ability of imagination in children

I would like to invite you to think a little bit naughty, what if all the toys on this earth abolished? What if the entire toy factory closed so as not to create another new toy? What if all converted into a toy store with a clothing store?

I know that this is a strange imagination, which may only be found on the film or fiction. But allow me to invite you to think about this. I would like to invite you to think about what will happen.

In my estimation, despite all the toys the children on this earth be removed, will not be able to remove the spirit of the children to play. Perhaps the children no longer have a toy car, but they could easily pick up a small box and turn it into any car in accordance with their imagination. Maybe a little girl no longer has a Barbie doll, but with a piece of wood they could make a doll. That’s the power of the imagination of children. They will not be limited by the reality of an adult. For them, they can do whatever they want with the capacity to think.

The power of children’s imagination

The power of children’s imagination is incredible. Their brains are still able to think beyond the ability of young adults. With simple objects they could turn it into any object as they want.

I never saw my son playing with a soap box. In his hand this soap box could turn into a car toy, a robot or a house. In fact, I’ve also seen this soap box become an aircraft aliens.

This is the power of children’s imagination. With the power of imagination they can change whatever they want. This is the spirit of play and imagination that we need to watch and we copied from the children. Because in fact, at this time, as adults we are pretty hard to imagine.

Toys to suit the season

If I observe, toys can also be grouped by season. Well, this is related to the appropriateness of the toy if we play it on the season. To adjust to the ongoing season, the toy should be made ​​of the right material. Toys for the rainy season should be water-resistant, not easily damaged by water and with a secure electronic system of water. It’s so contrary to the toys in the dry season. Toys in the dry season relatively more variable because it can be played in the home and outside the home.

When the rainy season the children would be more likely to play with toys related to water such as ship-calluses, fish, fisheries and game fishing. Indoor toys are also more preferable, because the kids cannot play outside the home. Conversely when the dry season the kids would rather play in the open air, on the ground or in the gardens. Thus toy balls, bikes and toys with various other forms of physical activity are certainly more interesting.

In this year the both seasonal toys are made with attractive as possible in order to attract the attention of children. You can see a list of best toys 2014 that I have created this site as a reference.