Best toys 2014 list – the most desired toys by children in this year.


Are you looking for the best toys 2014? If you’re looking for the best toy for your kids, I’ve made a list of top toys 2014 on this site. These toys are divided into several categories to facilitate your selection. I suspect these toys will also be part of the top toys for Christmas 2014 because it has been preferred by many children at this time. So if you also looking for the hot Christmas toys 2014, then you may consider these toys.

Well, here are the list of the most desired toys by children in this year:

Best Boy Toys 2014


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Best Toddler Toys 2014

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Best Educational Toys 2014

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Based on the results of the 2014 Toy of the Year Awards (TOTY), these toys have become nominees of the many toys in the market. These toys deserve to be one of the hottest toys 2014 because it has managed to attract the attention of children. So, it is worth considering when you want to give a Christmas toy for your children.

Backpack for back to school

When the time comes to go to school, children usually ask to buy new school supplies. One of the school supplies that are important enough backpack. I remember once when I was little too often asked to buy a new backpack when about to start school. At such times it is usually crowded with school supplies store buyers. Backpack today have more choices and good design.

At I see a lot of options and design backpack with very good quality. I’m sure your children will love it when you see it. One of the best sellers on backpack today is Frozen Lunchbox Backpack Set with Matching Featuring Anna and Elsa
by Disney. This backpack is a bestseller with very good reviews from customers. If you have a daughter, will surely love this backpack.

Backpack is an important means for our school children. Therefore, to him more and more enthusiasm in learning, you need to buy a good backpack for them.

Women who could beat the man

This woman has a cool character. This is in accordance with her job as part of the military of Krypton. In real life I often doubt the women’s physical strength. Women are synonymous with gentleness. They should be soft and loving. See a woman with a military environment into a controversy over the nature of the women themselves. But this is not unusual in fact, because history has noted, there is also the hero of women who struggle with her physical strength.

When at the first junior high school, I had joined the practice of martial arts. In our group there are some of girl who joined. From there I saw, as strong as any physical one woman, will not be able to rival the power of men. Therefore, I’m less sure when looking at movies in which women could beat the man. But I don’t know, maybe I haven’t experienced firsthand the power of the strong woman.

Today I want to discuss about the woman, who was his physical strength, can beat men. Well, please wait for the next article.

General Zod Action Figure

The greatest enemy of Superman in Man of Steel Movie is General Zod. General Zon is a nation that is struggling to maintain Krypton race when the planet Krypton was destroyed. He expanded into the earth and planned to build a planet Krypton on Earth. To realize it, the General Zod world machine destroys in order to reach the Earth’s atmosphere in accordance with conditions of the planet Krypton.

Therein lies the conflict began. Superman faced with a difficult choice. He had decided to defend his own nation or defend the earth. He cannot maintain both due to rule on the earth planet Krypton meant the destruction of all life on earth. Eventually Superman fighting General Zod and ended in the death of General Zod when Superman broke his neck.

The action figure that I have found at is really cool. General Zod wearing Battle Armor and ready to fight to realize his ambition. If you are one of a Superman fan, then you should have this action figure. Is this toy, including one of the top toys 2014? I do not know for sure, but what I know: are there people in this world who do not like Superman?

Superman, The Superhero of all time

Superman is one of my favorite superhero. In my imagination if all superheroes in the comic story of a pitted, then the winner is Superman. The magnitude of the super from the planet Krypton has strength naturally, can fly, and see invisibility and emitting a laser beam of heat from his eyes.

If you’ve been watching movie Man of Steel, then you will see the latest Superman characters with his new costume. Well, I think this costume is cooler than before. Much cooler instead. The Film also uses a very cool 3D technology in explaining the Powerful Superman strength. In this movie the term Superman is rarely called. These superheroes are more often referred to as Clark Kent or Kal El.

I recently saw the action figure Kal El’s newest with the costumes on Well, if you’re a fan of Superman like me, you will definitely love this toy.

Finding toys for 1 year olds

There are several important considerations that we must do in seeking toys for 1 year olds. The consideration is based on the presence of 1-year-old child itself. We must pay attention to the character of the child.

In general, 1-year-old boy has a high curiosity. They were fascinated with a lot of new things in the new world they experience. There are many questions that must be answered to satisfy the curiosity of it. As parents we have to be aware of this, in order to provide the best support for the development of our children.

Toys for 1 year olds should be able to answer this challenge. The toys should be able to do more than just entertain and play. The toys should have educational value that can support their educational needs. Well, if you are currently looking for toys for 1 year olds, please check the list of toys that I recommend on this site

Functional and entertaining toys

When I saw this cute little yellow Chair, I immediately made cruel. The bright yellow color and a picture of a smiling friendly face will make this cute little Chair is desired by each of the children. It is the seat of children symbolizing the spirit of play and learning. With this Chair, toddler boy you’ll feel comfortable sitting and equipped with features a very interesting play.

What features we will get out of this Chair? Well, your child will get 50 + sing-along songs, tunes and phrases. There are three levels of the game are accompanied with refreshing songs according to the age of your child. When your child sits then that Chair will bring up a song for your child. It will also happen when your child stands.

Your child will also learn about the words, numbers, shapes, colors and more with this Chair. If you are looking for toys that are functional, please consider the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair for your child.


Looking cabinet as needed

After years of buying toys, my kid’s toys are now piling up and experiencing overload. He had so many toys so that we cannot keep it anymore. As a result, many toys were scattered on the floor and spread out in several places in an irregular manner. My son’s toys were scattered should be laid out in a neat place so it does not fall apart. Therefore I need a storage place effective and efficient for the children.

There are many models of toy storage area that is on sale in the store. But at this point I want to highlight in a cabinet which such suit my needs. I found ECR4Kids 8 Compartment Storage Cabinet Birch at and I see this cabinet seems quite interesting.

The cabinet consists of 8 compartments with a simple form and functional. This cabinet is made from hardwood Durable and very easy to assemble. The measures of the cabinet: 48 inch wide by 13-inch deep by 36 inch high. Well, hopefully this cabinet could be a good solution to the problem of structuring my toys.

I and two of my boys

I have two boys. My first son is 7-year-old and the second was 8 months. Earlier I wanted a girl, but now the presence of my second boy has washed away all my disappointment. My second is so cute, handsome and healthy. The two children were very great is the grace of God. I’m very grateful for this gift. As a parent, I want to give you the best thing for my children.

But having two boys is not an easy thing. Although basically my older son very fond of his brother, but sometimes they fight fighting over toys. When he was playing with his toys, then the baby will be approached him and then captured the piece. In the beginning, my son is still unwilling to budge with his younger brother, but eventually he got angry when his toy is taken.

That’s just one example of the problems faced by parents who had two boys. There are downs that I face as a parent. But above all that I am very grateful for the blessings that God has given me.

Train music to children through toys

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play PianoThrough music we can improve the intelligence of children. It is a common thing that we usually hear. There are many theories about the growth and development of infants who mentions that classical music can improve the intelligence of a baby. That means, music in general will also stimulate the growth of a child’s brain. Music will not only entertain them, but also will excite the imagination and creativity of children.

Train children about music also will be a positive step and a child’s education efforts. When they learn about music, they will learn about the sense and sensibility. But does that mean we have to buy a music instrument for a child? Of course do not have to like it. Because the world of children is play, then we will teach them about music through toys. What are some toys that we can use? Well, I found this at Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano.

The toy piano has become one of the best seller and got pretty good reviews from customers. I would like to discuss about this toy but not now. So, just wait for the next article. Thank you.

Benefits of secondhand toys for my baby

There are fortunately when we have 2 kids with the same gender, with a distance of age which is not too far away. Well, my son who both received many heritage toys from her sister. There are many toys that are broken indeed. But there’s also a toy for a baby who can still wear. By doing so the baby can get some toys that can still be worn.

Some of the toys that could still be worn by my baby are  teether, among others, building blocks, rubber doll and some characters are animals. Okay, so the baby likes to playwith toys inherited from his older brother.

In fact the baby cannot yet understand what toys are the most preferred. For him, all the things there are surrounding it is interesting point. He will take every thing that exists on the front side and then play and put it into her mouth. With this toys my baby could certainly play with more fun.