Best toys 2014 list – the most desired toys by children in this year.


Are you looking for the best toys 2014? If you’re looking for the best toy for your kids, I’ve made a list of top toys 2014 on this site. These toys are divided into several categories to facilitate your selection. I suspect these toys will also be part of the top toys for Christmas 2014 because it has been preferred by many children at this time. So if you also looking for the hot Christmas toys 2014, then you may consider these toys.

Well, here are the list of the most desired toys by children in this year:

Best Boy Toys 2014


Best Girl Toys 2014


Best Toddler Toys 2014

Best Preschool Toys 2014

Best Activity Toys 2014

Best e-Connected Toys 2014

Best Educational Toys 2014

Best Game 2014

Best Innovative Toys 2014

Best Outdoor Toys 2014

Best Specialty Toys 2014

Based on the results of the 2014 Toy of the Year Awards (TOTY), these toys have become nominees of the many toys in the market. These toys deserve to be one of the hottest toys 2014 because it has managed to attract the attention of children. So, it is worth considering when you want to give a Christmas toy for your children.

Online toy shop

Holiday season that will arrive soon has gained overwhelming response from the public. Their enthusiasm to acquire the top toys 2014 for children is very high. In response, some large toy stores have released information on the best toys 2014 most wanted by the children. The information becomes the ​​headlines in the news portals, both online and offline.

For anyone who has been paying attention to the world of children’s toys must have been familiar with one of the largest toy store: Toys R Us. Well this toy store has become a destination for many years for parents who want to buy toys for their children. Another store that is no less popular is Walmart and The second store was a giant children’s toy store which has become an icon of the people who want to shop.

If you do not have time to shop directly offline, then you can try the way of shopping with the online system. The third major stores that I mentioned above also provide online services. The reputation and quality of service they have no need to doubt anymore because they believe strongly in maintaining customer satisfaction.

Playing with children in the natural environment

I dream of a house with the cool and fresh natural environment. I longed for a house with a large yard so that my children can be running around in the yard. My son would play in the yard with privacy. They can play bike, badminton, playing ball and out bond. I dreamed all of it.

But the house was to be quite strategic, easily accessible from anywhere. The house will be located on the outskirts of the city but still strategic. The house is strategically very important so that my son could go to school with ease.

I imagine my children play in the front yard while I was at work on the patio. Such an atmosphere must be very beautiful and comfortable. I’ll buy a toy that will train the physical and motor abilities. Well, that’s my dream home with my children.

Toys that train our children’s fingers

As good parents we must always monitor the growth and development of our children. If we look at the growth of our children was so fast. I could feel it on my son who is 9 months old now. It seems like just yesterday I saw him come out of the womb. At first he was just a tiny baby who can only cry. And now, my little baby has grown into a lively toddler, healthy and smart. I hope he will experience growth positively from time to time until he became an adult.

I want to always give the best for baby. I want to give him a toy that really helpful. I want a toy that is not only fun but also teaches something that is beneficial to him. When I was hunting toys at, I found a very interesting toy: Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set. What is interesting of this toy? Well, this is a toy that your child will train motors. This toy will strengthen your child’s fingers so that will help and strengthen them to learn to write.

It is quite interesting of this toy was when I read the customer reviews on this toy. There are 20 customer reviews with an average rate of 4.5 stars. It is certainly very interesting, and I want to discuss in the next article.

Live music concert with my baby

I once made ​​a review that says that a baby is very happy with the music. Bringing the theme music on toddler toy is a creative idea and favored by children. A toddler will love the kind of music that suits their tastes.

Last night there was an interesting incident. When playing the guitar and singing a song, all of a sudden my baby came and came up with a baby walker. My baby joint the sound of my music as he raised his hands and to sing along with a cute baby voice. So, that night I sang a duet with my baby and children’s songs are very lively.

Soon we will come to the holiday season. What kind of toys in the top toys 2014? I hope we can find a toy with the music theme for babies and toddlers category.

The introduction of the animal world in toddlers

The introduction of the animal world is an important part of the learning process of children under five. Animal is one of the living things around us. Knowing about their lives will certainly be an attraction for the children. It is my own experience when dealing with my toddler who was only 9 months.

My son is nine months old named Micah. Although it was only 9 months, Micah has shown tremendous attention in animals. While he was sitting on the floor and saw flies, all of his activities will be halted. He will observe that flies in a long time. He will look with great interest how the fly moves, fly then landed again.

So the animal world is certainly going to appeal to children. Therefore in the next few articles I will discuss about toys with animal themes. Perhaps the animal toy is also one of the top toys 2014.

Best toys 2014 from Walmart

It is now mid-September. In a few months we will be heading to the end of the year. Are you also looking forward to the end of the year like me? Well, I think there are many people who look forward to the coming of the end of the year. The end of the year is the holiday season where everyone will rejoice and have fun after working hard during this year. The end of the year is the time for us all to get together with family and celebrate Christmas. End of the year is awaited by the time the children because they will get the most special Christmas gift.

In welcoming the festive end of the year, Walmart has released the list of best toys 2014 we could find 20 cool toys that your kids must be like. Toys, among others:
-          Spin Master Sew Cool Sewing Machine

-          Moose Toys Beados Quick Dry Design Station

-          Maya Group Make Your Case Cell Phone Cover Kit

-          Jakks Snow Glow Elsa Doll

-          Just Play Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile

-          Disney Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin

-          Razor Crazy Cart Spinning Go Kart

-          Spin Master Flutterbye Light Up Fairy

-          Spin Master Zoomer Dino

-          Leapfrog LeapTV

-          Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch

-          Hasbro FurReal Friends Get Up and GoGo My Walkin’ Pup Pet

-          Spin Master Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Racer

-          Mattel Hot Wheels Street Remote Control Flying Car

-          Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster

-          Zing Airstorm Firetech Bow

-          Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset

-          Mattel Barbie Glam Camper

-          Mattel Hot Wheels Track Builder Total Turbo Takeover

-          Fisher Price Little People Musical Preschool

That’s a list of toys that may also desire by your child. Happy hunting toy…

Play and exercise for my son

I certainly can’t expect too much on children from 7 years who are practicing badminton. So my son follows the practice of badminton held by his school. He followed the exercise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So he could join the practice then I bought him a racket for $ 15. How happy my son when he gets a new racket.

Controlling a racket that is commonly used by adults may not be an easy thing to hand my petite. The ball those he frequent times at miss. But despite that my son never gave up and continued to practice badminton.

To me, my son has done badminton is a game and just for fun. This is much better than he was playing a video game that makes him reluctant to move.

Cool baby walkers for my baby

When my baby was able to stand with both feet then I started to think that this is a good time to buy him a baby walker. With the baby walker baby can move his body wherever he likes. He can practice to walk and move without me feel worried. With baby walker my baby can learn to walk safely.

Yesterday our family visited our aunts house in the city. Currently my aunt caring a baby girl who was like my baby. Therefore I found a baby walkers there. Baby walkers because it was not used so I borrowed it and then enter the baby to baby walkers. It turned out that my baby was very pleased when it went into the baby walker. He can move freely as if driving his own car. He moves and shout for joy with the baby walker.

Right now I’m looking for a cool baby walkers for my baby. I would look for information online as usual. If it is I get back, I will make the review here.

The best Christmas gift for our son

I can not wait for Christmas this year. Christmas atmosphere from year to year is always embedded in my heart. Christmas is a time of gathering for each family member separately. Christmas is a time when we all meet again after a busy year by each other’s work. Christmas is a time where we all share the love and attention with each other.

In the Christmas atmosphere we all usually gather in the family room and was busy preparing the Christmas tree. Children also look very cheerful at Christmas. They are waiting for their dream Christmas gift vigorously. This is the moment that they have always been waiting for, a time when their parents provide the best toys for Christmas.

Are you also ready with the best Christmas gift this year for your child? Well, of course we want to provide the best for those we love. At Christmas, we welcomed the birth of the Savior of the world. That’s when we rejoice because our lives will be saved by God’s own son.

Looking for a safe and portable stroller

I’m looking for a stroller that I can easily enter into the trunk of a car. Currently the car that I have is the type of city car with a narrow trunk. Stroller that I have today is too big so it does not get into the trunk. Once upon a time I tried to put it and after that my trunk is full and can not be filled with other goods.

When my baby is growing up so his weight was only increasing. My wife often complains when we’re traveling to shop or visit a place with our baby. If my baby should always be picked up then my wife objected to experience pain in his shoulders. For that I am currently requires a stroller that is portable and safe enough for the baby.

As usual I’m always looking for stuff my needs at The biggest online store in the universe always provides a variety of needs and supplies that I always find. If later I managed to find a stroller that fits and suit my needs then I will make a review here.