Best toys 2014 list – the most desired toys by children in this year.

Are you looking for the best toys 2014? If you’re looking for the best toy for your kids, I’ve made a list of top toys 2014 on this site. These toys are divided into several categories to facilitate your selection. I suspect these toys will also be part of the top toys for Christmas 2014 because it has been preferred by many children at this time. So if you also looking for the hot Christmas toys 2014, then you may consider these toys.

Well, here are the list of the most desired toys by children in this year:

Best Christmas Toys 2014

Best Boy Toys 2014


Best Girl Toys 2014


Best Toddler Toys 2014

Best Preschool Toys 2014

Best Activity Toys 2014

Best e-Connected Toys 2014

Best Educational Toys 2014

Best Game 2014

Best Innovative Toys 2014

Best Outdoor Toys 2014

Best Specialty Toys 2014

Based on the results of the 2014 Toy of the Year Awards (TOTY), these toys have become nominees of the many toys in the market. These toys deserve to be one of the hottest toys 2014 because it has managed to attract the attention of children. So, it is worth considering when you want to give a Christmas toy for your children.

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Disney Store Frozen Classic Doll Hans & Kristoff action figure

There are two young men who have a significant role in the story Frozen. These young men have a background in a different life. The first is Kristoff; he was a nomad who lives with his beloved deer. The second is Hans; He is a son of a nobleman distant country. These young men had been a good friend of Princess Anna.

In addition to different backgrounds, these two men will also have different properties. As an adventurer who lived in the wild, Kristoff grow into a man living with struggle and honesty. To make ends meet, Kristoff works as a search block of ice. He has no ambition of power. Kristoff nature looks different with Hans. Hans although initially seen as a good man, ambitious of power makes Hans turned into an evil. He bears to see Princess Anna who suffered and nearly died.

At I get a pair of dolls of both these characters. This doll is so perfectly presented in portraying their respective characters. At least this proves that Frozen movie is not only dominated for girls. Boys can also get the characters here.

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Disney Frozen Anna and Kristoff Doll

In the story of Frozen, Anna and Kristoff eventually became a pair of best friends who strive to bring Queen Elsa returned to the palace. The process of friendship between Anna and Kristoff is not easy. They come from different family backgrounds. Anna is a princess while Kristoff only nomadic man who works as a search block of ice. But there are similarities between the two of them, namely the nature of honesty and sincerity. They are good people with the purpose of their life.

Anna and Kristoff experiences extraordinary friendship. The pair is compact because it has the same mode of goodness. Kristoff even to sacrifice for the sake of petrified Anna chariot to meet Elsa. In the end Kristoff get the train replacement is much better and special. And the most beautiful is Kristoff become the true love for Anna into which she had been looking for.

At you will get a pair of doll Anna and Kristoff are sold as a pair. A pair of these dolls sold at a price of $ 24.99 at, and after getting a 3% discount of these toys can be purchased at a price of $ 24.24. This is perfect doll because the 47 customer reviews on the toys have given rate 4.9 stars!

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“Let It Go” has been children’s favorite song

I was amazed when I saw a little girl who could sing “Let It Go” perfectly. At that time I was looking at an audition a singer on television. And it turns out the song “Let It Go” became one of the most frequently sung by children. Wow .., This is an English-language song sung by adults, right? How could small children could easily sing it? This shows the success of the movie Frozen captured the hearts of children.

The song “Let It Go” was created by a husband and wife songwriter Christian Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. On Frozen this song is sung by Idina Menzel. She is an actress and singer who fill the vocal of Queen Elsa. Then the song “Let It Go” also made ​​the pop version sung by Demi Lovato.

This song is about conscience Queen Elsa who feels rejected by his own kingdom because she had magic powers. When being at the top of the mountain then the Queen Elsa sense of freedom and finds her step. She found happiness because she can use her power without having to be limited. During childhood Elsa always forbidden to use its power. So “let It Go” is an expression of satisfaction and freedom that has been acquired by Queen Elsa.

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Disney Frozen Sparkle Kristoff Doll

When the beginning of the story Frozen starts, you will see a boy with a deer carrying a block of ice. He joined a group of adults in taking a block of ice. Apparently it was his job as a block of ice makers.

This little boy named Kristoff. He was a solitary child who lived on the search business as a block of ice. On his way to meet with community life Kristoff Troll. Kristoff finally adopted by a mother Troll and become part of their family. Kristtoff grown into a young man that is strong and resilient. He and his deer always shared carrots as a sign of their solidarity.

Just as Anna and Elsa, Disney has also made a doll Kristoff. This doll is called Disney Frozen Sparkle Doll Kristoff. Kristoff dressed in a dashing mountain wanderer. This is the young man who would become the companion of Princess Anna.

Kristoff doll is sold at a price of $ 14.99 if you buy it on This doll has gained 206 customer reviews with 4.5 stars Rate. That means if this one of the top toys 2014 is worth for you to have as one of the best toys.

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Disney Frozen Sparkle Anna of Arendelle Doll

Yesterday I already told you about Anna’s daughter. She is the younger sister of the queen Arendelle with beautiful, cheerful and energetic. The character Anna has inspired many viewers of Frozen Movie. Anna was very fond of his sister so willing to sacrifice anything in order to invite her sister to return to the palace.

Because inspired by the animated film which is liked by many people, Disney created Disney Frozen Sparkle Doll Anna of Arendelle. Anna is a girl who is full of passion. She is a girl who yearns for freedom in the open place. When her sister’s inauguration period, that period in which she could see the outside world. Anna dancing happily. She sings with passion than meet with Hans.

Anna doll is wearing a multi-colored dress with a bodice decorated with vibrant pink swirls, sparkles and flowers. With a crown on her head, Anna looks graceful as a royal princess. This toy is one of the top toys 2014 with 539 customer reviews. This indicates that this doll is one of the best-selling toys this year.

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Anna, the beautiful and vigorous Arandelle prince

Yesterday we had often talked about Elsa and Olaf. Now, still in touch with Frozen movie, I want to discuss about a beautiful princess who is agile and energetic Anna. Well, Anna is the younger sister of Queen Elsa. As a younger sister, she very loves with her older sister. Since childhood, they always play together. With the power of Elsa snow they play a lot of things. It’s just an accident occurs at some point. Accidentally shot Elsa snow on Anna’s head. Anna fell ill and for the sake of her health then all memories of Elsa’s snow should be abolished.

Anna grew up to be a beautiful princess, cheerful and energetic. Since childhood, she has always stood in front of the bedroom door invite Elsa to play. But Elsa was never out of her room. She always remembered her father’s message in order to avoid her sister and outside so as not to endanger the lives of its power. Even when both parents die they cannot be together again.

When the induction period for Elsa as the Queen of Arandelle, that chance Anna reunited with Elsa. That’s where the problem starts early. Anna does not remember that Elsa has the power that could be dangerous. Due to a minor incident when a party, Elsa finally angry and escaped from the palace and went into the wild.

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Ice skating with the beautiful Queen Elsa

Play Ice Skating is a very pleasant thing. If you are a fan of the sport of course you are expecting the arrival of winter. When winter came, the snow will come down to earth. Snow will cover every street, garden, and yard. What is the most fun thing to do when the snow comes? Well, we can play ice skating and making snowmen.

When we talk about snow, then it reminds me to a beautiful queen Elsa. For Elsa snow is a part of her life. She could not let go of her life from the snow. With her strength then each touched by Elsa can turn into ice. I remember when Elsa was so happy when she was able to leave the palace and live in the wild with the surrounding snow. I also remember when Elsa dancing on snow with so beautiful and graceful.

At I found a toy doll that Elsa ice skating as seen in the movie Frozen. This toy is called Disney Frozen Ice Skating Doll Elsa. You can attach the doll to the base for easy ice-skating action. You will see Elsa dancing doll with very beautiful ice skating.

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Study of Prehistoric era through the dinosaur

Whether you are a history buff like me? Well learn the history of the lights was fun. I can find many unique things, particularly in the prehistoric era.

Animals that live in the prehistoric era also had its own charm. Learn about the lives of past absences will increasingly improve our vision. We can understand where people are coming from. According to the theory of evolution, man is from the animal. Do you believe in it?

Introducing the dinosaur in our children’s lives is one way to encourage them to learn about history. The most fun way to learn is through play. Well, now we can find a variety of Educational toys are in good shape with a medium or high technology. I want to talk about the latest dinosaur toys are very cool because it has more features and advanced technology. This toy has become one of the best selling toys this year and become one of the best toys 2014. Well, I’ll discuss in the next article.

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Olaf hat with funny hair

Well, how deep is your love to Olaf? How do you express your preferences on Olaf? Ehmm, I do not mean to make us blind love on Olaf but this is the only pleasure. There is no obligation that must be carried out strictly as a fan of Olaf. And in this article I want to show you a fan of Olaf accessories that you might like.

Well, I found this at Frozen Olaf Disney Kids Baseball Cap. It is a hat that is made ​​for kids Olaf fans. Haha, this hat looks very funny. I like the idea of ​​Olaf hair that grows above the cap. Olaf wide smile with round eyes and carrot nose.

This hat probably will not be one of the best children’s toys in 2014 but you can wear it while playing with the best toys on Christmas day.

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Disney Frozen Olaf Cuddle Pillow

Some days I may be more likely to talk about Olaf. Although Olaf is not the main character in the movie Frozen, but as a snowman his character which is good, loyal and innocent become an attraction for me. Forms and cute faces of Olaf would also be a nice toy. So I am sure that I will find a wide range Olaf dolls, pillows and other merchandise.

And it turns out I was right, at I have found cool Olaf pillow. Why do I say that the pillow is cool? Well, because this pillow has become a best seller on with 61 customers at a rate of 4.5 star review. If there is already a lot of people who gave a positive response have against cushions, then we all definitely worth having.

This pillow is called Disney Frozen Olaf Cuddle Pillow. This pillow has a shape similar to the character in Frozen. Fortunately this Olaf pillows because every child would love to hug him. Olaf is a snowman who likes to be hugged, right? This pillow is sold at a price of @ 49.99, but at you will get a discount of up to 47% so you only need to pay $ 26.49.

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