Best toys 2014 list – the most desired toys by children in this year.


Are you looking for the best toys 2014? If you’re looking for the best toy for your kids, I’ve made a list of top toys 2014 on this site. These toys are divided into several categories to facilitate your selection. I suspect these toys will also be part of the top toys for Christmas 2014 because it has been preferred by many children at this time. So if you also looking for the hot Christmas toys 2014, then you may consider these toys.

Well, here are the list of the most desired toys by children in this year:

Best Christmas Toys 2014

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Best Toddler Toys 2014

Best Preschool Toys 2014

Best Activity Toys 2014

Best e-Connected Toys 2014

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Best Specialty Toys 2014

Based on the results of the 2014 Toy of the Year Awards (TOTY), these toys have become nominees of the many toys in the market. These toys deserve to be one of the hottest toys 2014 because it has managed to attract the attention of children. So, it is worth considering when you want to give a Christmas toy for your children.

Mom picks 2014 at

To get the best toys for your child, then you will need a reference. You can get some pretty credible reference sources on the internet. Through these references you can learn about product reviews, advantages and disadvantages and the best prices so that you’re shopping process easier. You will be co-opted decisions more wisely after obtaining sufficient data about the toys that you will buy.

One reference that you can use is the Mom picks 2014 by This is a program conducted by The program is carried out for 17 days and is followed by the mother who became a member at Every mother would want to reward the best toys for their children. Therefore, the results of the election by the mom’s toy would have been selected correctly. You can make this as a reference.

So what are the toys that have been included in mom picks 2014 in Well there are plenty of toys that can be found. If you are interested please visit this link.

Cute doll dog with purple ears

When I first saw this dog doll I instantly fell in love. Ah, this stuffed dog is very cute and adorable. Purple on both ears of this doll feels very familiar and comfortable to look at. I have not seen more about the features of this doll, but I was convinced that my 10 months baby old will surely love this toy. Then I tried to get to know this doll closer. And it is true; this is one of the best toys I’ve ever found.

At this stuffed dog has gained 1.413 customer reviews with an average rate of 4.6 stars. Wow, this is cool. That means that, in general, all these toys buyers expressed their satisfaction. This cute dog doll has a name LeapFrog My Pal Violet. Although the features and quality is very cool, you will get a discount of up to 41% at It’s like breaking the general rule that the goods were worth to be followed by the price-value anyway.

If you want to make one of the best toys 2014 as a Christmas gift, then you take a right decision. I am sure that your toddler will like it. As to whether you can get the interesting features of LeapFrog My Pal Violet? Well, I will discuss this in the next article.

New spirit to the Black Friday

Black Friday will come soon. This is the time when people will be spending heavily to welcome Christmas in December. We’ll get a great discount at the time of Black Friday. Maybe you just want to see it, but I’m sure when you saw the discounts offered then you will be interested as well. Black Friday is an opportunity that only comes once a year. Of course we are not going to waste it, right?

One of my targets when Black Friday is a toy for children. Well, it has become an obligation for parents to buy a toy for their children at Christmas. When Black Friday maybe we can get the toy with a cheaper price. Therefore, before Black Friday arrives, we should look for as much info about the best toys 2014 so that it can obtain the best toys.

Currently we have passed through mid-November. That means Black Friday of this year will soon arrive. You can get the items you want in offline and online. We should prepare for and seek information from now so that later can obtain the best results.

Ultimate Sticker Box: Frozen

The presence of Ultimate Sticker Book: Frozen certainly further improve the delight of the Frozen Fanatics. This sticker has very good Frozen image character. You can find the Queen Elsa, Kristoff, Hans, Swen, Olaf and some beauty snow world and magic powers Elsa. Children can put this sticker on their favorite books, desks or as a decoration in their room.

Stickers are one of my favorite toys since then. In the past when I was in grade school, I like to collect stickers of some superhero that I like. I have a Superman sticker, a prince of the planet Krypton who has the greatest strength to keep the earth. I also have stickers Batman, Spiderman, Ninja Turtle, and the fantastic four. The stickers that I collect and store still neatly until now. I hope this time the sticker is still safely stored in the warehouse.

Frozen stickers have shown that the presence of stickers as a toy is still recognized by children. Currently Ultimate Sticker Box: Frozen has gained 295 customer reviews premises rate is 4.3 stars.

Tin Box Company Disney Frozen

In this article I still would like to discuss about Frozen accessories. Yesterday I had discussed about a bracelet with Frozen theme. Now I want to discuss another product that has been well received by customers. This product is called The Tin Box Company Disney Frozen Scoop Carry All Tin.

What makes this Tin Box so special? Well, the most important of course, the character’s Frozen in tin box. Please refer to the illustration that I show in this article. Figure Elsa and Anna performed very attractive with snow surrounded around. Graphically, the picture on the tin box has managed to captivate lovers of Frozen.

Some customers seem satisfied with this product. Brand a use for storing lunch and Frozen doll collection. So if you are a true lover Frozen then you deserve to have this tin box.

The importance of studying the customer reviews before buying a toy

Each product definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. Such a thing would have to be found in all the products that we find in the market. Even for products that include the best toys 2014 can be certain there is a shortage. It reminds us that nothing is perfect on this earth. Situations like this should be a motivation for us to be wise in choosing a particular product.

Yesterday I have discussed about a bracelet with the theme of Frozen favored by girls. But don’t you know that there are also customers who give less good reviews on this product? One customer named ActorBrent have expressed his disappointed on this product. He mentioned that the bracelet Frozen character image is too small and does not fit with the expected earlier. But instead another customer gives an excellent review by giving the 4 and 5 star rate.

Like it or not you on a product is depends on your own needs. Before you buy a product you should see the reviews of the customers and the well-deserved before decide to buy or not.

Disney Frozen Bracelet, your daughter will love it

We all know that Frozen movie has captured the hearts of girls all over the world. Well, Disney’s animated movie is indeed very nice and riveting. When I watched it, I knew that this was a good movie among other Disney movie. When the film finally managed to achieve success then it is a natural thing and deserve obtained.
Due to the success of this movie there is a lot of merchandise that use Frozen movie as its theme. Almost all products that use the theme of Frozen achieved good sales. This is because the value of the image Frozen thus providing added value to the product.

In the world of toys we also see the same. In Frozen dolls, some accessories are also getting good attention from children. One accessory that is quite interesting is that Disney Frozen Bracelet with Elsa, Anna, Sven and Olaf Charms. This bracelet has a legal license from Disney. This bracelet measures 6 inches and is suitable for your daughter.

Is this the way Anna and Elsa as a child?

Well, through this article I would like to invite you to look and observe the pictures that I attach here. I saw two beautiful and healthy sisters. The two children were playing. Their smile and laugh are so fresh and light. That is the smile of children. Pure smile, unaffected and appear with all honesty.

Whether intentionally or not, the existence of these two sisters are synonymous with The Frozen movie. At least take a look at their hair. One of them let her hair is beautiful as Anna, while the other has a hair braid similar to Elsa. They looked at each other and smiled. They both were in a comfortable room that reminded me of Elsa and Anna as a child.

On the table there is a beautiful blue sleigh. The sleigh was boarded by Anna and Kristoff. They both are a matching pair. They both have found love and loyalty for adventure in the mountain snow. Ah, I love this illustration. Perhaps because both my children are boys so I missed the girls.

How if a toy can read your mind?

best toys 2013

When I was a child, my toys have made with simple technology. In fact, sometimes we make our own toys. We use objects that exist around us to make toys. We Constructing a wooden toy cars, hats from leaves and robot from a clay. But this time the development of children’s toys has grown so rapidly.

In this article I give the title: “How if a toy can read your mind?” What would you think of when reading the title of this article? Can you simply believing that a toy can read your mind? And this is what really happened, this time Hasbro has created the Magic Jinn. These toys can guess what kind of animal you think.

How did it happen? Apparently Magic Jinn can analyze the answers you give when he asked you. Magic Jinn has a data base of 300 animals. So please think about the animals, the Magic Jinn will guess it correctly.

Having fun with Boom Boom Balloon

Playing balloons are not unusual. We often see the balloons in various places. As a child I also used to play the balloon. But today has come a unique game that uses a balloon. This toy is called Boom boom balloon.

Boom boom balloon is a toy for children aged 8 13 years. But in fact, almost all people with different ages love this toy. Try it if you do not believe. I just read a customer review about this toy on Apparently, not only the kids who love to, but the whole family loved it and just play well together.

This balloon game is very entertaining. What I admire is the creator of this toy. He’s definitely a very creative and had a good sense of humor. Because of the balloons seemingly simple, can be created a very fun game.

This toy can be done in groups. All members of your family can be involved in this game. Boom boom balloon is a game that is not boring. After the first was popping balloons we’re made curious. He wanted to re-start the next game to break the balloon again. But unfortunately, there are only 12 pieces of balloons with funny face picture. These balloons can be wiped out if we continue to burst. Actually, we could use another balloon. But look at the balloon with a funny expression was more fun.